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subsidized insurance rates under obamacare. but equally important is the free care that's now available to many more people under med e cal, the state's version of medicaid. michael finney tells us what it takes to qualify. >> nora is get hearing blood sugar level checked. this preventative care is something she might not have done in the past. >> i couldn't afford it. this is really, you know, caused a lot of problems in the family because it's not only me, it's my family, my husband, my kids and my grandson. >> nora is one of an estimated 2 million new patients in california who are now eligible for med-i-cal under the affordable care act. it used to be limited for those under the poverty level. that was for families. for a family of four that's $23,050 or less a year. now med-i-cal has been expanded to include adults without children and a family of four would qualify if it had an annual income of less than $32,500. brenda shipp is the chief operating officer for lifelong medical care has 15 health clinics around the bay area. >> this is huge. this is really, really huge. i mean, bec
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1